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General Rules

Post by Vaccam on Sun Mar 09, 2014 7:13 pm

Graphic Design General Rules


  • Do not double post. Your posts need to be separated by a 12 - hour period.
  • Do not post anything pornographic.
  • Do not post anything related to hate speech.
  • Do not post links to blogs, websites, or forums that are age - restricted and/or money - related.
  • Do not overuse the smileys - (3 similes message)
  • Do not post just one - word post.
  • Do not post other's works as yours.
  • Do not post hacks and/or cracks (illegal downloads).
  • Do not post about anything related to illegal activity.
  • When you break the above rules, you will receive a warning. First warning is pre-warning.


  • Please fill out your profiles completely and truthfully. This way the staff will be able to help you faster


  • You may upload your own avatar to use on the forum, but any pornographic or other avatars that might be inappropriate to other users are illegal. The staff has the abilities to remove the avatar if you will not remove it yourself.

Private Messages

  • Do not use the private message system for illegal activity.
  • Do not send private messages about other websites (Promotion).
  • Do not send pornographic material through the private message system.
  • You will receive a warning for misusing the private message system.

Forum Behavior

  • Show respect for other users.
  • Do not post hate speech in any form.
  • Do not start flame wars.
  • Do not post private personal information about yourself or others

These rules can be changed at anytime, so check them often.

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