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Staff Application - Caralel

Post by Caralel on Fri Jun 13, 2014 3:27 am

((I've made applications for both ranks I am interested in. Thanks for looking over them!))

What position: Graphic Designer
Join date: 6/12/2014
Why you: Because I enjoy being creative and helping people out with graphic requests and reviews on their own creations. I am not the best, but I try my best to learn from others and enhance my graphic skills.
What is special about you: There is nothing special about me, really.
Some of your work: Ok, short version of a long/sad story, my hard drive died about a month ago and I lost ALL (ALLLLLLLLLL) of my work!! I never really kept an online gallery, either. I've learned my lesson. Anyways, I have recently made a few pieces on Forumotion (://, ://, :// and here is the only remnants of work not lost (:// which will only make sense to you if you know anything about the Minecraft game. :S I understand this is not much to go on. ((Add http in front of those links))

What position: Moderator /or/ Forum Reviewer
Join date: 6/12/2014
Why you: I have actually Moderated a few forums before, as well as been in Management positions in the work place. I believe rules are the structure to a good community, and keeping a level head while dealing with people is paramount. I also enjoy keeping things tidy and manageable, so overseeing threads on a forum is something I am good at. I am not sure as to the job descriptions of a Moderator verses a Forum Reviewer when applied to your website. If I am considered, whichever you think I can be a benefit to and would best suit me then that would be great.
What is special about you: There is nothing special about me, really.
Some of your work: n/a

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