Helping making a midevil theme....

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Helping making a midevil theme....

Post by ninjaslice on Tue Aug 26, 2014 4:50 pm

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1. I got NO idea what all that is above this post.....

Hi all....

I was wondering, Could anyone help me make a medieval Theme for my forums? I am not good at
Making themes lol, so I was hoping you could help me or someone make me a medieval Theme....

I would like the theme darkish and not light Smile I already started it but I am not good lol take a look: NOTE: it does not allow me to show my link for 7 days so.... Just PM me on here and I will give you my forum link!

So if there is someone who could make me like a dark wood medieval theme that would be awesome (including the buttons etc pls!)

OR... if someone could teach me that would be awesome  Very Happy

I tried looking at all the Hitskin themes, none of them were medieval Really......

Thanks for your time!


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